Mimi and Bragi Ears: A Hearing Tech Combo To Really Brag About 

When innovative partners Mimi-Hearing-Technology and Bragi came together to work on a project, a clear goal came into mind. The aim was creating and maintaining crystal clear sound, while attempting athletic activities, or on the go in the busiest, bustling city streets. Mimi’s inbuilt technology offers a medical hearing test in Europe (CE, class 1), enabling a user to hear better than ever, but the real charm of this partnership is the personalized sound on offer. To understand the true potential of sound, let’s see how this paradigm shift in hearing technology was realized.


Your Hearing Print

It’s not only the fingerprint that’s unique to an individual. Each ear has subjective preferences for tone, whether it be age-related-hearing loss over time, or simply being more sensitive to certain frequencies. Bragi Ears adapt to your individual needs after a short hearing test. You’ll be instructed through a jargon and stress-free, in-built test that’ll have you hearing clearer in no time – well, six whole minutes to be exact.


1 Million Tests Taken, And The Word Is In

Mimi is the number one hearing app on the market today, having carried out 700.000 hearing tests worldwide, and gathered enough data to ensure your hearing is the best it can be. In the past two years, their good work has not gone unnoticed, scooping up the Sonar+D Startup Award, 2017, Midem Lab Award and Mobile Primier Award of 2016.


The External World, Heard Like Never Before

Ever struggle to make out what someone is saying during a get-together? The conversation and wine is flowing, but not for you – you’re stuck saying “what?”, or politely nodding your head. Well, with 25% of Americans between 65 and 75 experiencing hearing loss, and 50% of those over 75 stating the same, it’s safe to say you’re not alone. With Bragi Ears, background noise is softened, so you can focus on the conversation at hand. The ear bud enhanced by Mimi’s innovative technology works in aiding your ear where it needs support, rather than cranking up the volume –  which only risks further damage of the ear.


Permanent Ringing? Immediate Relief

As any tinnitus sufferer knows, it can be amazingly straining to try and sleep, or even relax, on occasion, when there’s a continuous screech occupying your ear canal. Bragi have built-in flash memory in their ear buds which offers tinnitus sufferers a range of relaxing sounds, aimed at drowning out the drone of tinnitus. You can adjust the levels of these tones, depending on your needs for any given day.


Rich, Crisp Sound, As You Deserve

With Bragi Ears and Mimi Hearing Technologies in partnership, you can hear your world, your sound, on your own terms, and in a way that suits your personalized tastes. The days of one-sound-fits-all headphones are long gone, and pioneers such as Mimi and Bragi are proud to be part of this revolution in hearing technology — and it’s only just begun.