TP Vision brings Mimi Sound Personalization to Philips TV European range.

Mimi Sound Personalization is available in the majority of 2021 Philips TV models in Europe, to provide customers with the optimum sound quality based on their unique hearing ability.

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How it works

Personalize your TV audio

To adjust the sound of your Philips TV,  take a short hearing test with the Mimi app. It is available free of charge for iPhones and Android smartphones.

The Hearing Test result is transmitted to the Philips TV by taking a photo of a QR code on the TV screen with the smartphone or by logging into your Mimi account on the TV app. 

After adding your hearing test profile to the TV, Turn Mimi On and adjust to your preference. The result is sound reproduction optimized for your hearing profile, increased sound quality and a more pleasant TV experience.

“We have always considered the overall experience for the user to be an essential aspect that is just as important for the product TV as the pure picture and sound quality. The new Mimi functionality proves that television can be further improved and personalized to offer an even more engaging and enjoyable experience. “


Martijn Smelt

CMO Europe, TP Vision

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