10 True Facts about your Hearing

Being absolutely certain of anything can feel like a chore in the post-truth era. Seems you need to keep one eye open and one ear to the ground at all times to even stand a chance – which can lead to looking very silly in a shared office space. Although you might not always be able to trust what you hear, we at Mimi Hearing Technologies can at least help you separate fact from fiction when it comes to hearing itself. Here are 10 myth-busting facts about hearing that ring true, even if you’ve got ringing in your ears.


1. “Speak into my good ear”

Here’s some bad news for the hard of hearing among us who believe they’ve still got one trusty good ear. For the vast majority, hearing loss comes gradually and affects both ears equally. Betteringhearing.org has found that 90% of people who claim to be hard of hearing in one ear, actually need a hearing aid for both.   


2. “I’m too young to be losing my hearing”

This myth is strangely persistent, even though spectacles are seen donning the faces of toddlers, teenagers and old timers alike. As much as 1 million children of school age require a hearing aid of some sort in the United States alone.


3. “I don’t have a problem, everyone’s just mumbling their words!”

Unfortunately when it comes to hearing loss, the person experiencing the problem is all too often the last in their family to realize. The reason for this is the gradual nature in which presbycusis, or age-related hearing loss, comes about. Imagine someone sneakily turning down the volume on your TV one bar at a time over the course of a decade, and you’ll start to get the picture.


4. “It’s natural at my age to be hard of hearing”

Although 25% of 65-74 year olds and 50% of over 75[1] year olds suffer hearing loss, calling this phenomenon “natural” is a bit of a stretch. After all, years of misspent youth dancing close to speakers, running to catch screeching trains, and living in a bustling city plays havoc on aging ear drums. Yes, modern technology causes damage to hearing – so why turn down “unnatural” help?


5. “Getting help is more trouble than it’s worth”

Mimi Hearing Technologies have developed a Make It Yours (MIY) app which test your hearing, and suggests a subjective solution to suit your ears’ needs. It takes a matter of minutes, and it’s absolutely free!


6. “A hearing aid is the only non-surgical option for hearing loss”

With Mimi-Tech’s award winning, innovative MIY app you can simply wear your own headphones and experience crystal clear sound personalized to suit your individual hearing needs.


7. “I’m only suffering from a small bit of hearing loss, there’s nothing on the market for me”

As hearing loss generally comes gradually with age, there is a large amount of over 50 somethings suffering, aptly enough, in silence. Why strain to hear, when you can heighten your enjoyment of sound with ease.


8. “Hearing aids only help make things louder”

Modern hearing tech has developed vastly in the past decade alone. The MIY app actually recognizes what parts of your hearing could be improved and adjusts sound accordingly.


9. “I’ll never hear like I used to.”

Never say never. Mimi-Hearing-Technologies pride themselves on keeping in the know when it comes to the latest research and development in all things sound. What’s more, all this recent research is utilized by providing the most up to date and strategic hearing technology on the market.


10. “I’ll never hear like I want to.”

Okay, I’ll let that second “never” slip, but only once! The MIY app is not simply a tool to help you hear the music and sounds of the world as clearly as possible – it can be uniquely adjusted to your own preferences and taste. You can now experience rich and crisp sound the way you want it. The days of mediocre sound have passed, and personalized, unique sound is now a reality. Finally, a tasty truth we can all sink our teeth into!