Circulr Sound launches kickstarter campaign for Mimi-enabled Neckphone TRi

The Mimi team, in partnership with Circulr Sound, are excited to announce that today, Wednesday April 27th, at 14:00 (CEST), the Kickstarter campaign for Mimi-enabled Neckphone TRi will be launched.

The Neckphone TRi from Circulr Sound combines innovative Open Ear AI and Mimi Hearing Wellbeing technology. The Neckphone TRi is Engineered by top experts from the audio industry and is the first ultra- versatile headphones with four speakers and ANC+2, designed to change from headphones to neck speakers with patented directional sound or wireless speakers.

“The # 1 cause of accidents in micro-mobility in the EU, US, UK & Australia is due to the use of headphones while riding bicycles or e-scooters on urban roads. Thanks to the Neckphones TRi, and its patented directional sound technology, users will be able to wear them on their neck and stay connected or listen to music without disturbing the people around” said Enoc Armengol, CEO of Circulr Sound.

Mimi Hearing Wellbeing technology seamlessly integrates into Circulr Sound’s devices, and allows users to adapt the audio signal to their hearing ability, compensating for less than perfect hearing. This creates a unique and optimized sound experience, where listeners can hear more details and better enjoy music.

“We’re incredibly excited about the new TRi Neckphone and Kickstarter campaign from Circulr Sound that features Mimi’s Sound Personalization technology” said Philipp Skribanowitz, CEO of Mimi. “In cooperation with Circulr Sound we can bring the best listening experiences and hearing wellbeing technology to even more consumers.”

Find out more about theCirculr Kickstarter campaign and show your support here.

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About Circulr –

Founded in 2019 Circulr is a startup founded by a group of award-winning entrepreneurs from various fields ranging from product design and sound engineering. Circulr is creating the next category of personal AI audio devices called the “Neckphones” that allows micromobility users to enjoy music, calls, podcasts and audiobooks safer and legally with non-invasive sound technology while being aware of their surroundings. Designed & Engineered in Denmark by top experts coming from renowned audio brands such as Bang & Olufsen, Harman Kardon and JBL. 

Circulr presented this year at CES22 their new generation, the Neckphone TRi and was selected as one of the most advanced audio new products this year. The Startup has won several international awards including the Media Motors Grand European Finale, first prize in 2021 in the Tech for Entertainment Category at the South by Southwest, the first prize at the Wayra Startup Competition to work along with Telefonica Germany and O2 Telecom and PC Componentes among others.