Mimi and Shenzhen Rillya Industries partner to bring hearing health technologies to smartphone devices

Mimi Hearing Technologies announced last week that it is bringing its industry-leading digital hearing health platform, which bridges the gap between hearing ability and listening experience, to smartphones for the first time by partnering with Shenzhen Rillya Industries. 

Globally, over 1 billion young adults are at risk of permanent, preventable hearing loss due to unsafe listening practices, according to the World Health Organization. This statistic is exacerbated, in regions where awareness of hearing health is low and there is a lack of screening programs – in the continent of Africa for example, the number of people with some degree of hearing loss is expected to multiply by 2.5 times in the coming decades, from 136 million in 2021 to 332 million in 2050. 

With smartphones now acting as the primary platform for user audio consumption, Mimi and Shenzhen Rillya Industries, an international leader in mobile design and development are addressing the growing rates of hearing loss-related issues by providing Mimi’s digital hearing health features on their new devices. 

Shenzhen Rillya Industries will integrate Mimi technology, which includes digital hearing testing and Sound Personalization features, into its smartphone to enable users to own their listening experience and remove the accessibility barriers often associated with hearing loss. The result is a sound experience for users that includes: restored audio details, improved sound quality, and reduced volume levels.

“We’re excited to be working with our first smartphone partner Shenzhen Rillya Industries to make Mimi’s hearing health technology accessible to millions of new users with easy-to-use hearing tests and loss compensation at their fingertips,” said Philipp Skribanowitz, CEO of Mimi.

“This partnership will bring improved awareness of hearing health to new generations, empowering users to take control of how they listen. Together, we can help drive the future of audio experiences in smartphones for years to come.

“Mimi is a great partner for Rillya,” said Bob Tao, VP of Rillya. “We are looking forward to cooperating with Mimi to provide a convenient method for our customers to reliably test their hearing and make adjustments, resulting in a healthier listening experience. We are expanding our sales channel to reach more customers to deliver Mimi’s technology to them, and are looking forward to our cooperation in 2022 and beyond.”