2023 Highlights: Showcase of New Mimi-Enabled Headphones Over the Past Year

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to take a moment and reflect on the exciting partnerships and launches that made this year one to remember. This year was very special for Mimi, as we continued to work with industry leading partners to bring users a range of Mimi-enabled headphones. 

Reflecting on these partnerships, Florian Schneidmadel, Mimi’s CEO, said, “We are all consuming audio every day. From recording to mixing, mastering and distribution, audio is optimized for the perfect listener and listening environment. What’s missing is the human part: that’s why we offer sound personalization based on the user’s hearing ability. Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality sound experiences to users around the world.

Collaborating with industry leaders helps us to improve what we are doing and reach more people faster. Mimi Sound Personalization is by now available on a wide spectrum of headphones: Premium over-ear headphones that sell for 800 Euros, and affordable true wireless in-ear headphones that you can buy for less than 50 Euros. It’s great to see that top brands share our vision and choose Mimi in their mix. Many of these headphones appear in best-of 2023 gadget lists, and have received lots of positive reviews.”

The Future Of Personalized Audio Is Here, and Mimi Is Leading The Way

Join us in exploring the partnerships that transformed standard headphone audio into a personalized auditory experience. 

Nothing Ear (2)

Nothing, the brand synonymous with sleek design and advanced technology, joined forces with Mimi with their True Wireless Earbuds – Nothing Ear (2).

Image source: nothing.tech
Skullcandy Crusher ANC 2

Skullcandy continued its legacy of delivering immersive audio experiences with the Crusher ANC 2. This over-ear headphone, equipped with Personal Sound by Mimi, takes the listening experience to new heights.

Crusher ANC 2 with Personal Sound by Mimi
Image source: Skullcandy
Skullcandy Rail ANC and Rail TWS

Skullcandy expanded its product portfolio with the Rail ANC TWS and Rail TWS, both featuring Personal Sound by Mimi. These true wireless earbuds offer a perfect blend of style and substance, delivering a customized sound profile for every user.

Rail TWS Skullcandy earbuds with Personal Sound by Mimi
Image source: Skullcandy
boAt Nirvana 525ANC

boAt, known for its trendy and high-performance audio products, collaborated with Mimi to launch the Nirvana 525ANC over-ear headphones. 

Image source: boAt Lifestyle
boAt Airdopes Flex 454 ANC

The Airdopes Flex 454 ANC  provide an enhanced audio experience with Mimi Sound Personalization, offering users a tailored and optimized sound profile for an unparalleled listening experience.

Airdopes Flex 454 ANC
Image source: boAt Lifestyle
boAt Nirvana Ion ANC

The Nirvana Ion ANC  feature boAt Adaptive EQ Powered by Mimi, alongside Active Noise Cancellation, ENx™ Technology, 120 Hours Playback, and BEAST™ Mode.

Image source: boAt Lifestyle

Teufel introduced the REAL BLUE PRO, a premium over-ear headphone. This collaboration ensures that users can enjoy Teufel’s signature sound with a customized touch, making each listening session truly unique.

Woman Wearing Real Blue Pro Headphones with Mimi Sound Personalization
Image source: Teufel
beyerdynamic blue BYRD ANC (2nd gen.)

beyerdynamic launched the blue BYRD ANC (2nd gen.), bringing users a unique audio solution that adapts to their hearing.

beyerdynamic blue BYRD ANC with Mimi Sound Personalization
Image source: beyerdynamic
Focal Bathys

Focal, renowned for its high-end audio products, launched the updated Bathys over-ear headphones featuring Mimi.

Focal Bathys Over Ear Headphones
Image source: Focal


On top of the new devices that launched in 2023, Skullcandy also released a number of limited edition headphones featuring Personal Sound by Mimi. 

Skullcandy Crusher ANC 2 - Acid Snow Camo

 In celebration of their 20th anniversary, Skullcandy released their limited-edition Acid Snow Camo collection.  Acid Snow Camo is the bright color and uncontrolled chaos of retro Skullcandy with a ‘90s skate spin, brought to life in Crusher ANC 2 headphones.

Crusher ANC 2 with Personal Sound by Mimi
Image source: Skullcandy
Skullcandy PLYR and Push Active - Skullcandy x TMNT

Skullcandy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles joined forces to celebrate the TMNT 40th birthday with two Skullcandy Limited Editions. From transparent and glow-in-the-dark elements to turtleshell earcups and a radioactive headband, TMNT PLYR is literally dripping with nods to the heroes in a half shell. With comfortable ear hangers and an IP55 sweat, sewer-water and cheese-grease-resistant rating, TMNT Push Active is perfect for pizza-fueled crime-fighting. 

Crusher ANC 2 and Push Active with Personal Sound by Mimi
Image source: Skullcandy
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