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Sound Personalization for Headphones

The Mimi magic

Mimi’s biologically inspired and complex signal processing solves problems an EQ cannot. Mimi Sound Personalization provides a real-time simulation of the human ear. Only those frequencies you are not able to hear are unmasked.

Products designed to transform your audio experience across a range of devices


Smart TV

Sound Personalization for Headphones



Bluetooth speaker





Know your hearing ability with a convenient test



Restore lost details and make the sound clearer



Prevent hearing loss from increased media consumption at high volume levels

92% of users keep Mimi Sound Personalization turned ON

“Personalized sounds more clear. It became louder, but I didn't have to turn up the volume. Now I hear it more clearly and I think it's better for my ears.”

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Stephan Gleißner

VP Commercial


Chris Keeling

Global Head of Sales

About Mimi

Founded in 2014 in Berlin, Mimi Hearing Technologies is a global leader for sound personalization and hearing wellbeing technology that can be easily integrated into any consumer audio device.

Mimi provides the number one digital hearing test app on the market and a flexible SDK with DSP integration to enable advanced personalized sound technology into a wide range of devices.

Mimi works across multiple listening environments including TWS headphones, TV and smartphones, so listeners can enjoy truly personalized audio wherever they are while protecting their hearing at the same time.