Keep Your Flow with the new beyerdynamic Blue BYRD ANC (2nd gen.)

With a long-standing reputation for delivering exceptional audio experiences, beyerdynamic has once again raised the bar with their latest in-ear headset. Introducing the Blue BYRD ANC (2nd gen.) – beyerdynamic’s 9th product featuring Mimi Sound Personalization

beyerdynamic is renowned for its commitment to delivering exceptional audio quality. The Blue BYRD ANC (2nd gen.) is no exception, with superior sound quality providing an immersive sound experience that brings your music to life with remarkable clarity and depth. 

beyerdynamic blue BYRD ANC with Mimi Sound Personalization


  • Bluetooth® In-Ear Headset with Sound Personalization
  • Superior beyerdynamic Sound
  • ANC and Transparency Mode
  • Easy-to-Operate User Interface and hassle-free performance of wireless connectivity


beyerdynamic blue BYRD ANC with Mimi Sound Personalization

Beyerdynamic x Mimi Sound Personalization: 

To experience the magic of sound personalization, simply download the beyerdynamic MIY (Make It Yours) app. Within the app, you can take a quick and easy hearing assessment that tests your unique hearing abilities. Once completed, turn on  Mimi, and tailor the audio to suit your individual hearing profile. The result is an immersive sound experience that optimizes every frequency for your ears, ensuring you hear the music as the artists intended.

Experience the Mimi magic for yourself 

Blue BYRD ANC (2nd gen.) is available now on the beyerdynamic website.

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