7 reasons why you *need* to take the Mimi Hearing Test

By S. Gorman

Trust us, whatever your hearing ability or age, you want in on this ear-test action…


1. The #1 iOS Mimi Hearing Test is free, and takes only a few minutes – it’s easy to use, lets you quickly test against a wide range of frequencies (100 – 12khz), and delivers fast in minutes. Instead of putting it off for years, take the test today. We know about ears, and they will thank you!


2. Are you younger than you hear? Find out if your hearing age is the same as your actual age by comparing your hearing age range to others in your noisy city. Just take the test and voila – we’ll tell you your hearing age.


3. While sudden hearing loss is not unknown, far more common is gradual onset hearing loss. This type of hearing impairment can be treated best in its early stages, but unless you’re aware of potential or developing issues, you won’t be inclined to take preventative or protective measure. So test your hearing today – you could catch a hearing problem early. Or you might discover that your hearing is fine – in which case, the test and its insights will remove any doubt.


4. Personalized music sounds amazing. The Mimi Sound Personalization works off your unique hearing profile, determined by your hearing age and personal hearing test results, to tune music to your unique way of hearing. People of all levels of hearing ability have been astounded, and – because hearing is so personal – innately moved by the quality of Mimi personalized sound. But you need to test your ears first.


5. Hearing loss is commonly caused by exposure to loud noise, or by the normal aging process But occasionally, hearing loss is a manifestation of a more serious underlying condition – cardiovascular or neurological issues for example. In any event, your hearing health is heavily linked to your overall well-being. Taking a few moments to test your hearing means you’re checking out much more than the functionality of your ears.


6. You gain actionable insights into your hearing, and the ability to track your hearing health. The Mimi Hearing Test 4.0 is the most data-rich hearing test on the market. We turn the complex data from your test into relatable insights, which help you reflect on, and contribute proactively to, your hearing health. Over time, you see how your hearing capacity has changed; we remind you to regularly refresh your test results, whenever your earprint starts fading. And you can always export your audiogram – to print and share with your medical professional.


7. Taking the Mimi hearing test means you’re not only doing your own ears a big favor, you’re also contributing to global hearing health. This is because by using the Mimi Hearing Test, you become an anonymized but valuable data donor, which means you’re helping improve our predictive models that can catch the potential onset hearing loss early on.


So I guess, you’re ready to test your hearing now…right? Get the Mimi Hearing Test Now