Teufel REAL BLUE PRO: Studio Quality, Everyday Reliability

Earlier this month Teufel launched their brand new REAL BLUE PRO Headphones featuring Mimi Sound Personalization.

The REAL BLUE PRO are their most powerful headphone to date, with excellent audio fidelity – whether listening to music at home, riding the train, in the office, watching a movie, or gaming. 

The REAL BLUE PRO Headphones are a true game-changer in the crowded audio device market. Whether you’re a seasoned audiophile searching for the Holy Grail of headphones or a casual music enthusiast in pursuit of the next level of audio enjoyment, the REAL BLUE PRO promises to be a compelling contender. 

Here’s what some leading digital publishers and popular tech journalists have to say: 

Custom Style for Your Ears
Man wearing Real Blue Pro Headphones

Teufel Real Blue Pro Test - Teufel's Best ANC?

“The Teufel Headphones app (Android / iOS) offers a few more features, like Mimi Sound Personalization. This is a manufacturer-independent service that creates a personalized frequency profile via a listening test and can thus optimize the sound. In my case, this really brings a clearly audible difference, especially in the high-frequency range.” [translated]

by mobi-test [article language: German]

Woman Wearing Real Blue Pro Headphones with Mimi Sound Personalization

Teufel Real Blue Pro Test: What can the premium headphones from Berlin do?

In terms of features, you get a lot with the Teufel Real Blue Pro… Bluetooth multipoint is available, as is a personalized sound that can be adjusted via listening test in conjunction with the companion app.
The Teufel Real Blue Pro score with an elegant design, high-quality workmanship and long battery life.

by Basic Tutorials

Real Blue Pro Headphones with Mimi Sound Personalization

Teufel heats up the Nobel competition

“The Mimi Personalization used for this has already proven itself with other manufacturers and works well to compensate for limitations in the perception of highs or lows.” [translated]

by N-TV [article language: German]

Teufel Real Blue Pro Headphones with Mimi Sound Personalization

Teufel Real Blue Pro Over-Ear Headphones

“Also on board is the personalized sound adjustment from Mimi Hearing Technologies, which can compensate for hearing deficits and creates an individual sound profile for each listener. Using the Teufel app, you can complete the necessary hearing tests in around five minutes and have an individual optimization calculated.” [translated]

by AREA DVD [article language: German]


Teufel Real Blue Pro Test: The best headphones from Berlin

“Thanks to the Mimi hearing test, the sound can even be adjusted to your own hearing – good.” [translated]

by Computer Bild [article language: German]

Teufel REAL BLUE PRO im Test - Mimi und Dynamore?
Want to experience Mimi for yourself?

REAL BLUE PRO headphones are available for purchase now on the Teufel Website. 

Check out the full range of Mimi-enabled devices on our Partner Devices Page.