Expert Reviews: Nothing Ear and the Personal Sound Profile

In April 2024 Nothing unveiled the Ear, a product born from meticulous engineering and sophisticated design. Following their release, experts from the audio tech community have shared their experiences with new earbuds, highlighting how the Personal Sound Profile, a feature powered by Mimi, significantly impacted their listening experience. 

The selected quotes and links to their full reviews for more details are sure to inspire you.


“If you want a more bespoke listening experience, then take advantage of Nothing’s partnership with Mimi and use the Personalized Sound Profile Feature”

Tech Spurt

“My favourite feature […] Makes a huge difference to the audio quality” 


“The Personal Sound Profile test inside the app suggests I’ve lost some hearing in the extreme highs, thus boosting those frequencies accordingly. Straight away, this improved my listening experience. That said, you can’t use the Personal Sound Profile and the Advanced Equalizer simultaneously, and I still prefer using the latter to dial in an exact frequency response.”

Tom’s Guide
“Nothing has taken its personalized sound even further though via a suite of features in the excellent Nothing X app designed to tailor the sound to your personal level following a short hearing test. The process takes several minutes to complete, but once done, I was able to activate a frequency map tailored to my hearing. Wearers can select between “Recommended” and “Richer” profiles, and there’s an intensity slider which appears to adjust the amount of low frequency energy. Following my short test, I found I preferred the Recommended option with the Intensity slider set to 100%.”

Trakin Tech English

“What I particularly liked, is Personalized Sound Setting […] That made the most impact to my experience […] The Ear started sound like a product, that I actually wanted to use.”

Your Personal Journey with Nothing Ear

Mimi’s collaboration with Nothing represents our shared vision of transforming the way people experience sound. By combining our expertise in hearing technology with Nothing’s flair for design and innovation, we are setting new standards in the tech world.