Nothing Ear – Sound, Evolved

During its Q1 Community Update from Tokyo, Nothing announced the launch of its new wireless earbuds and its second product featuring Personal Sound Profile powered by Mimi: Nothing Ear.

A culmination of consistent refinement in design and engineering over the past three years, this product is tailored for audiophiles seeking the best sound quality without compromising performance. The integration of ChatGPT into Nothing’s audio and smartphone products is set to further enhance the user experience.

The Nothing Ear wireless earbuds pack several standout features that make them particularly appealing, especially for audiophiles and tech enthusiasts.

Main Features of Nothing Ear

High-Quality Sound: Equipped with custom 11 mm dynamic drivers and a ceramic diaphragm, Nothing Ear delivers crisp highs and a rich, authentic sound. The earbuds support high-resolution audio streaming with LHDC 5.0 and LDAC codecs, ensuring every detail in music is captured with exceptional clarity.

Advanced Noise Cancellation: Nothing Ear features intelligent noise-cancelling technology, including Smart ANC and Adaptive ANC. These technologies work together to dynamically block external noise and automatically adjust cancellation levels according to the environment, offering up to 45 dB of noise reduction.

Extended Battery Life: The earbuds offer up to 40.5 hours of total playtime with the charging case and up to 8.5 hours of continuous playback. Additionally, a quick 10-minute charge provides an impressive 10 hours of listening time, making them ideal for long days out or extensive travel.


Source: Nothing

Personal Sound Profile: In collaboration with Mimi, Nothing Ear offers a Personal Sound Profile feature. This allows users to create a customized hearing profile via the Nothing X app, which then adjusts the equalizer settings in real-time based on individual hearing test results, ensuring a personalized and optimized listening experience.

Enhanced Connectivity and Usability: Nothing Ear supports seamless switching between devices and features a Low Lag Mode for reduced audio delay, which is particularly beneficial for gaming and watching videos. 

Experience Mimi with Nothing

Mimi’s collaboration with Nothing represents our shared vision of transforming the way people experience sound. By combining our expertise in hearing technology with Nothing’s flair for design and innovation, we are setting new standards in the tech world.

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