Mimi celebrates new partnership with boAt

We never miss the boAt: Mimi is delighted to announce our new partnership with boAt, the India-based consumer electronics company and the world’s 5th largest wearable brand.

boAt was founded in 2016 by Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta, with the goal to provide people with fashionable tech that can be a part of their daily lifestyle. The company now focuses on products including wireless speakers, earbuds, smartwatches, headsets, and earphones.

With this new partnership, boAt is first bringing Mimi’s Sound Personalization technology to their brand new Nirvana 525ANC (with more products to follow).

Adaptive EQ powered by Mimi

The new Nirvana 525ANC is packed with features:

  • Tailor your sound via the Adaptive EQ powered by Mimi feature in the boAt Hearables App.

  • Further customize your audio by toggling between Dolby Movie and Dolby Natural.

  • Cancel out all the unwanted noises with industry-leading Hybrid ANC 42dB+ and enjoy high-quality sound in your personal space.

  • IPX5 – Sweat and Water Resistant

  • Up to 30 hours of music playtime

Adaptive EQ Powered by Mimi

Experience the Mimi magic

Adaptive EQ Powered by Mimi provides a unique and customizable audio experience. Here’s how the enhanced listening experience works:

  • Hearing test in boAt Hearables App: Take a short audio test to create your unique sound profile, taking into account individual audio sensitivities shaped by genetics, age, lifestyle and environmental factors.
  • Custom-tuned headphones: Adaptive EQ Powered by Mimi allows you to adapt the audio signal to your hearing ability, compensating for less than perfect hearing. An optimized experience is created with more detailed sound for games, music or media.


Try Mimi for Yourself

For the full list of Mimi-enabled devices head to our Partner Devices Page.

For more information on boAt’s earbuds, headphones and neckbands collection visit www.boat-lifestyle.com or follow them on InstagramYouTubeTwitter and Facebook.