Mimi Health Update

Updated: May 2024 

Mimi Hearing Test

The Mimi Hearing Test (Mimi Health Hearing Test HTS-01) is no longer a CE-certified medical product (class 1) – based on the European Union’s regulatory framework. While the Mimi Hearing Test may no longer hold its CE certification, we remain committed to providing you with a high-quality and user-friendly hearing test experience.  

The new Mimi Hearing Test follows the ANSI/CTA-2118 standard, employing the Four Frequency Pure Tone Average Testing Methodology and Hearing Wellness Reporting Metric for Consumer-Facing Hearing Solutions.

Mimi Hearing Test App - Android

The Mimi team has made the decision to discontinue support for the current version of the Android hearing test app. In the immediate future we will be focusing our development efforts on enhancing our cutting-edge PTT Hearing Test, now available exclusively on the iOS Mimi Hearing Test App. 

For our Android users, we sincerely appreciate your support and trust in Mimi. Although this version of our app will no longer be available, we encourage you to explore other Mimi products where you’ll find the same dedication to excellence and a host of new features to help you on your hearing health journey. 

Next Steps: 

  • Your data and test results stored in the Mimi Hearing Test app for Android will remain accessible through your account. You can continue to access your information securely by logging into your Mimi account online at https://account.mimi.io/login. If you need any assistance or have concerns about accessing your data, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.
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Mimi Hearing Test App - iOS

The changes to the medical certification of our Mimi Hearing Test comes alongside updates to our Mimi Hearing Test app for iOS devices, enhancing your experience and providing even better insights into your hearing health.  We’re confident that the latest updates to the app will enhance your journey towards better hearing and wellbeing – learn more about the iOS Mimi Hearing Test app.

Mimi Health

If you are looking for more information about Mimi Health or the previous Mimi Health Hearing Test (HTS-01), please email support@mimi.io and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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