Introducing the New Mimi Hearing Test App for iOS

The Mimi team is excited to unveil the latest version of the Mimi Hearing Test app, available exclusively to download on iOS. The app has been developed with your feedback at its core, and packed with improvements and innovations that will elevate your experience and empower your journey towards better hearing health.

Mimi Hearing Test App iOS

What’s new in the Mimi Hearing Test App for iOS devices

  • New UI/UX: We’ve revamped our app’s look and feel to provide you with a sleeker and more intuitive interface.
  • More insightful hearing test results: Understanding your hearing is now easier than ever with a clearer overview.
  • Extended list of supported headphones: We’ve expanded our range of supported headphones, giving you more options to test your hearing accurately. 
  • Additional languages: The app is available in Chinese Simplified (ZH), English (EN-US), French (FR), German (DE), Japanese (JA), Korean (KO), Russian (RU), Spanish (ES), and Ukrainian (UA).
  • Major bug fixes and enhancements: We’ve made significant improvements under the hood to ensure a smoother experience.

Hearing Test

The Mimi Hearing Test App offers a Pure Tone Threshold (PTT) test. The Pure Tone Threshold (PTT) test is a type of hearing test that uses an automated procedure modeled after the Békésy tracking method. This makes it especially suitable for app-based mobile hearing tests.

The Masked Threshold (MT) test will no longer be available in the app. If you have previously taken an MT test, you can continue to access your Mimi data by logging into your Mimi account online.

Mimi Hearing Test App: Pure Tone Threshold (PTT) test

Hearing Test Results

After taking the hearing test you will receive personalized hearing test results:

  • Hearing Loss Grade: You will receive one of 5 hearing loss grades: No hearing loss / Slight hearing loss / Mild hearing loss / Moderate hearing loss / Severe hearing loss. This grade is defined by the better performing ear. This is because with asymmetric hearing, found in some individuals, the ‘better ear’ usually compensates for the other in everyday listening.
  • Hearing Number: Your Hearing Number is a metric that can help you better understand your hearing and how it changes over time.
  • Hearing Capacity: The Hearing Capacity, ranging from 0 to 100%, indicates hearing ability for each ear.  
  • Hearing Sensitivity (only available in certain regions*): The graph represents how well you hear across different frequencies. 
Mimi Hearing Test App_Hearing Test Results
Mimi Hearing Test App: Hearing Test Results (*Hearing Sensitivity graph only available in certain regions.)

Supported Headphones

All headphones vary, and the sound output of your headphones affects test results. For the supported headphones, Mimi applies the required corrections to your hearing test data to ensure consistent and accurate test results across devices. If your headphones aren’t listed, it means our team hasn’t collected the necessary data yet to make them available for the test. You can still take the hearing test using headphones not on the list, but this may impact accuracy.

Full list of supported headphone models (updated May 2024): 


Beats by Dre

Changes to CE certification

The Mimi Hearing Test is no longer a CE-certified medical product (class 1) – based on the European Union’s regulatory framework. While the Mimi Hearing Test may no longer hold its CE certification, we remain committed to providing you with a high-quality and user-friendly hearing test experience. The changes to the medical certification of our Mimi Hearing Test comes alongside these significant updates to our Mimi Hearing Test app, to enhance your experience and provide even better insights into your hearing health.

What’s next for the app?

Moving forward we will be focusing our development efforts on enhancing our cutting-edge PTT Hearing Test, now available exclusively on the iOS Mimi Hearing Test App. By focusing on the iOS platform in the immediate future, we can channel our efforts towards new features and advancements for our iOS Hearing Test App users. We will continue to develop and introduce state-of-the-art testing methodologies and accuracy, ensuring you receive reliable hearing test results, all from the comfort of your home. 

Our mission also extends beyond convenience; we aim to break barriers to hearing healthcare. Through our app, we aim to empower individuals facing geographical, mobility, or other constraints to access vital hearing assessments with ease. We’re confident that the latest updates to the app will enhance your journey towards better hearing and wellbeing. 

Test your hearing today

Download the Mimi Hearing Test from the App Store. 

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This Mimi Hearing Test app (including any content supplied within it) does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis. The provision of medical advice and diagnosis is the responsibility of your physician or other medical or qualified healthcare professionals, who should be consulted in case of health-related issues or questions related to your hearing ability. 

The app follows the ANSI/CTA-2118 standard, employing the Four Frequency Pure Tone Average Testing Methodology and Hearing Wellness Reporting Metric for Consumer-Facing Hearing Solutions.

*Please note that certain features of the Mimi Hearing Test App may not be available in all regions. The availability of features may vary depending on your location due to regulatory requirements or other factors. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to expand the availability of features and improve the Mimi Hearing Test App for all users. If you have any questions or concerns about, please feel free to contact our support team at