Hearing Loss for Dummies: new book by Frank Lin and Nicholas Reed lays out steps to hearing health

Hearing loss can be frustrating, but in fact it’s common and treatable. In their new book ‘Hearing Loss for Dummies’ Authors Frank Lin and Nicholas Reed from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine lay out the steps to hearing health. The book guides you through how to get appropriate help to clearly hear the sounds of life — whether at home, at work, or out and about. And it explains why hearing health is critical: Hearing loss can increase the risk of depression and isolation, as well as cognitive decline and dementia.

Simple steps to improve your hearing - and enhance your life

‘Hearing Loss for Dummies’ has been written by Frank Lin, MD, PhD and Director of the Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Health and Nicholas Reed, AuD and clinical audiologist and assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University. The two top experts in the field explain how hearing works and how it changes as we age. 

As our hearing naturally declines over time, nearly 20 % of Americans have hearing loss, and for those aged 60 and older, this number increases to 50 %. As Lin and Reed point out, many of us neglect our hearing, and when we do, we might miss out on conversations, lose connections, and increase our risk for mental health issues. ‘Hearing Loss For Dummies’ explains how hearing degrades over time and what we can do about it, from making simple lifestyle changes to using technology, including traditional and new over-the-counter hearing aids.

Professional guidance on your way to hearing health

The authors also give practical advice on how to find specialists you can trust and determine whether you need testing and, if so, where to turn. What’s more, ‘Hearing Loss for Dummies’ provides the reader with practical solutions for hearing better at home, at work, on the phone, and in restaurants and theaters. Lin and Reed also share knowledge on choosing the right hearing aid, including just-approved over-the-counter hearing aids, getting them adjusted to work for you, and what insurance covers. 

Throughout the book, the Johns Hopkins experts explore the pros and cons of cochlear implants and other surgical options. In spite of what can appear like a complicated, stressful and lengthy process, ‘Hearing Loss for Dummies’ tackles the topic right on and provides you with professional guidance on the path to hearing health.

Take care of your hearing health with Mimi

Find out how well you hear with the free Mimi Hearing Test App. The hearing test can be performed at home in just two minutes. It allows you to test your hearing regularly and track changes. For more info on how knowing your hearing empowers you to take control of your hearing health, check out the Johns Hopkins ‘Know Your Hearing Number’ campaign. Take the steps to healthy hearing and buy ‘Hearing Loss for Dummies’.