Mimi now capable on the next generation of devices, with support for Cadence Tensilica HiFi 4 and HiFi5 processors

Mimi has recently announced integration and ongoing support with the Cadence® Tensilica®  HiFi 4 and HiFi 5 DSPs, supporting the next generation of Bluetooth audio-based devices.

By expanding the existing collaboration for the Cadence® Tensilica®  HiFi 3 DSPs to include the HiFi 4 and HiFi 5 DSPs, more devices are now supported to enable manufacturers to provide Mimi digital hearing health tests and Mimi Sound Personalization to more of their customers.

The combination of Mimi’s technology, with HiFi’s unique ability to run its features at industry leading efficiencies, also creates a unique solution that delivers compelling audio without sacrificing device battery life.