Mimi’s Sound Personalization offers easy to use tools that give consumers control of how they experience audio and manage their hearing wellbeing on Philips’ 2022 range of Ambilight TVs 

BERLIN, Germany, September 1, 2022 Mimi Hearing Technologies, the global leader in hearing wellbeing,  expanded its partnership with TP Vision, which will now integrate Mimi’s Sound Personalization and feature set into a new line of Philip’s televisions. TP Vision designs, develops, manufactures and markets Philips-branded TV’s in Europe, Russia, Middle East, South America, India and selected countries in Asia-Pacific. 

“We’re honored to be Philips TV’s integrated audio partner for its new series of Ambilight TV models that take sound personalization and hearing health to the next level,” said Philipp Skribanowitz, CEO of Mimi. “Like Philips, Mimi Hearing Technologies was built to deliver a better audio experience for televisions and other audio devices—that’s why this is a perfect fit. Our sound personalization technology and Philips’ new 2022 TV sets create an optimal listening experience for consumers.”  

Mimi provides inclusive audio by bridging the gap between users’ hearing ability and their listening experience. Everyone hears differently, and based on Mimi’s 2019 hearing data, 55% of the adult population has some type of hearing loss, which mostly goes unrecognized and untreated for the vast majority of people, regardless of age.

The below new Philips features and functionalities are available pre-installed on the 2022 range of Ambilight televisions.  Consumers that have purchased a 2021 Ambilight TV can also enjoy the new features and functionalities after a software update. 


Hearing Test Options 


Results Page


Group Mode


“The Mimi Hearing Technologies team has seen the urgent need to take care of the gap between hearing and audio, producing the most personalized sound experience that is tailored to the unique hearing ability of the users,” said Martijn Smelt, CMO,TP Vision– Philips TV & Sound. “Mimi’s bio-algorithm replicates the way the human ear works and we’re excited to implement it in our new line of televisions.”

Mimi Sound Personalization is available throughout Europe on all models in the following 2022 Ambilight Philips TV Series:The One (PUS8507 and PUS8807), MiniLED PML9507, OLED707, OLED807 and the award-winning OLED+range (OLED907 and OLED937).  Philips Ambilight TVs from 2021 will receive a software update to enable the new functionalities to a broad audience.

The new Philips TV’s will allow users to use Mimi’s technology to adapt the audio signal to their hearing ability, compensating for less than perfect hearing. This creates a richer and more immersive sound experience, dialogue is brought back that may have been lost and the ability to adjust the audio, not the volume. Consumers can now kick back and have a more enjoyable movie and television show viewing experience with no listening fatigue. 

For more information on Mimi, visit Mimi.io or follow on LinkedIn.

For more information on TP Vision visit https://www.tpvision.com/

About Mimi Hearing Technologies – mimi.io 

Founded in 2014 in Berlin, Mimi Hearing Technologies is a global leader for sound personalization and hearing wellbeing technology that can be easily integrated into any consumer audio device. Mimi provides the number one digital hearing test app on the market and a flexible SDK with DSP integration to enable advanced personalized sound technology into a wide range of devices. Mimi works across multiple listening environments including TWS headphones, TV and smartphones, so listeners can enjoy truly personalized audio wherever they are while protecting their hearing at the same time.

Mimi products and integrations have won numerous international awards, including the EISA Best Buy OLED TV (2021-2022) for sound personalization in TP Vision Philips TV, the CES Innovation Award (2019 & 2018) for sound personalization in Beyerdynamic headphones, the SATVISION Innovation Prize (2018) for sound optimization in Loewe TVs, the Sonar+D Award for Innovation (2017), StartUps & Developer Award at the San Francisco Music Tech Summit (2017) and the IFA Berlin Prize for Audio Innovation (2017).

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TP Vision Europe B.V. (“TP Vision”) is registered in the Netherlands, with its head office in Amsterdam. TP Vision is wholly owned by TPV Technology Limited (“TPV”), one of the world’s leading monitor and TV manufacturers.

TP Vision is a major consumer electronics player in TV and audio entertainment. TP Vision focuses on the development, production and marketing of Philips television sets (Europe, Russia, Middle East, South America, India and selected countries in Asia-Pacific) and Philips audio products (worldwide). We combine the strong Philips brand with our product development and design expertise, operational excellence and TPV’s industry experience and position. We believe in creating products that provide consumers with a superior audio and visual experience.

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