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BERLIN, GER., September 2, 2022 Mimi Hearing Technologies, the global leader in hearing wellbeing, will demonstrate its latest sound personalization technologies and discuss future innovations to improve audio experiences and protect hearing at IFA 2022, Europe’s biggest consumer electronics show.

Mimi’s Sound Personalization technology allows listeners to create customized audio experiences, tailored to the individual’s unique hearing profile, by first assessing the listener’s hearing ability with Mimi’s app-based Hearing Test Technology. After the test, a Hearing ID is created and the patented audio processing automatically adapts all audio in real-time. Once completed, the listener’s Hearing ID can be used on Mimi-enabled televisions, headphones and earbuds, adjusting the sound to the user’s unique hearing profile wherever they listen. Mimi’s hearing technology is embedded in a range of products from some of the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers.

“Mimi Hearing Technologies brings together hearing wellbeing and an improved audio experience for customers on their favorite devices,” said Philipp Skribanowitz, CEO of Mimi. “Allowing users to adapt an audio signal to their hearing ability creates a richer and more immersive sound experience. Audio details and dialogue are brought back that may have been lost and consumers can adjust the audio, not the volume. People can now relax and have a more enjoyable listening experience with no fatigue.” 

Mimi recently released its new fine-tuning sound personalization feature in the Mimi SDK. Now, OEM and consumer audio manufacturers can enable users to fine-tune their personalized audio experience after completing the hearing test. When Mimi Sound Personalization is turned on, users are presented with fine-tuning options on their profile card. The default “recommended” option is applied as the best fit to their individual Hearing ID, but based on their personal preference listeners may select one of the additional options of “Richer” or “Softer”. By playing a sample song, users are able to compare the original audio with different Mimi effects (recommended, richer, or softer) and choose the sound experience they enjoy the most without having to leave the app. 

Mimi Sound Personalization is integrated in the following products:

The Mimi team will be available on Friday, September 2 through Tuesday, September 6, 2022 for a conversation and hands-on demonstrations.

The Berlin-based company’s booth is located in Messe Berlin, North Entrance, IFA Next, Hall 20, Stand 154.  To request a meeting and experience the technology, please contact sschaming@hoogcomm.com.

About Mimi Hearing Technologies – mimi.io 

Founded in 2014 in Berlin, Mimi Hearing Technologies is a global leader for sound personalization and hearing wellbeing technology that can be easily integrated into any consumer audio device. Mimi provides the number one digital hearing test app on the market and a flexible SDK and DSP integration to enable advanced personalized sound technology into a wide range of devices. Mimi works across multiple listening environments including TWS headphones, TV and smartphones, so listeners can enjoy truly personalized audio wherever they are while protecting their hearing at the same time.

Mimi products and integrations have won numerous international awards, including the EISA Best Buy OLED TV (2021-2022) for sound personalization in TP Vision Philips TV, the CES Innovation Award (2019 & 2018) for sound personalization in Beyerdynamic headphones, the SATVISION Innovation Prize (2018) for sound optimization in Loewe TVs, the Sonar+D Award for Innovation (2017), StartUps & Developer Award at the San Francisco Music Tech Summit (2017) and the IFA Berlin Prize for Audio Innovation (2017).

Media inquiries for Mimi Hearing Technologies: 

Sue Ellen Schaming, Press Agent – sschaming@hoogcomm.com; Tel: 415-722-8583 (m)

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