Compaq Television partners with Berlin-based Mimi Hearing Technologies, for the exclusive patent technology for new Smart Televisions.

Compaq Television, through a collaboration with Berlin-based Mimi Hearing Technologies, has integrated Mimi’s Sound Personalization technology into new Smart Televisions. Scheduled to launch this July, the Compaq Smart TVs will be equipped with Mimi technology that adapts audio to each individual’s unique hearing ability. The result is an immersive, high-fidelity, and intelligible TV experience for users.

Mimi Sound Personalization, driven by cutting edge audiology research, adapts the sound based on an individual’s hearing profile. Through real-time adjustment, it then optimizes the alignment between a viewer’s hearing and the television audio.

Spoken dialogue in music, films, and documentaries is perceived more easily, and sound details become clearer. This reduces the need to increase the volume, and entertainment experiences become more accessible and enjoyable to those with less-than-perfect hearing profiles. With Mimi technology, Compaq Smart TVs will provide a personalized and enhanced smart TV viewing experience for all users.

Anand Dubey, CEO at Compaq Television, said, “Every individual’s hearing ability and profile is unique, which is especially true for a country like India where noise pollution is high and can lead to varied perception of sound, creating a wide spectrum of hearing profiles. Hence, we felt the need to address this overlooked deficiency in Televisions. Mimi focuses not only on the intensity and delivery mechanism of various components of sound, but also on the audio envelope which is customized to the environment and user profile, delivering a top-notch sound experience.”

“We are happy to announce this partnership with Compaq Television, bringing our award-winning sound personalization to users through a tailored TV sound experience. It’s great to work with a company that embraces the latest technology with a focus on perfecting sound. Achieving perfect sound quality is difficult when ‘perfect’ can vary so greatly from person to person. Mimi bridges the gap between hearing and audio, optimizing the most complex link of the audio chain: the variability individual hearing, ensuring the listener gets a personalized sound experience.” said Philipp Skribanowitz, CEO & Co-Founder of Mimi Hearing Technologies.

As part of the first release of the upcoming launch in India, Compaq will be rolling out 8 smart TV models across various sizes. The TVs will be equipped with an array of next-generation features and functionalities, going far beyond simple enhancements of the standard TV experience. Mimi Sound Personalization technology is just one of many differentiating features of the new innovative Compaq Smart Televisions.

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Sue Ellen Schaming