Berlin startups bring together AI based speech technology and hearing ability based sound personalization for every consumer to enjoy crisp and clear personalized audio.

Berlin, Germany – May 9, 2023 – Mimi Hearing Technologies and aiIcoustics today announced their partnership, which will bring the power of AI to further enhance speech and music to consumers around the world.

Combining AI based voice enhancement with a hearing ability based sound personalization gives the listener full control over the sound experience enabling them to focus on the most important parts of the content. Users benefit from increased intelligibility and details, reduced listening effort and fatigue, being able to listen at lower volumes without compromising on listening joy.

“Our partnership with ai|coustics is a significant step forward in our mission to provide the best hearing experience for everyone,” says Philipp Skribanowitz, CEO of Mimi Hearing Technologies. “By leveraging the strengths and expertise of both companies, we will enhance the sound experience for people with different hearing needs and listening preferences, regardless of their environment.”

Supported by aiIcoustics’ Generative Audio AI, Mimi products will be equipped with advanced speech enhancement technology. This allows to separate and enhance individual dialog sounds from complex media streams based on the user’s hearing ability, creating a new level of listening quality.

The first product with this unique combination of technologies will be Smart TV, introducing most valued features: next-level hearing loss compensation and dialogue enhancement. With the new personalized approach both startups address users’ needs and make the TV viewing even more enjoyable than before:

  • Independent control of dialogue level with any format and content
  • Following dialogues becomes easy 
  • Subtitles may no longer be needed
  • Rich and immersive sound at a lower volume and without external loudspeaker  

Compared to most TV solutions out in the market Mimi dialog enhancement does not result in degradations of sound quality but preserves the natural tone and sound of the content.

“Mimi Hearing Technologies is a true innovator in the audio industry, and we are excited for this partnership to bring our AI Speech Enhancement technology to a wider audience,” says Fabian Seipel, CEO of ai|coustics.”Our vision of optimizing speech intelligibility in digital communication and media content aligns perfectly with Mimi’s goal of providing an audio experience tailored to ones’ individual hearing and the context they are in. Together, our technologies will help consumers experience clear, personalized audio on their TV devices, making their favorite movies and series more accessible.”

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About Mimi Hearing Technologies |

Founded in 2014 in Berlin, Mimi tailors audio for everyone to enjoy richer and more immersive sound adapted to their unique hearing, and is a global leader for sound personalization technology for consumer audio devices. Mimi provides the #1 digital Hearing Test App on the market and has developed the world’s largest database of digital hearing profiles. The company has built up the technical expertise, infrastructure and industry relationships to deploy their solutions into consumer electronics products like headphones, TVs and smartphones.

Mimi products and integrations have won numerous international awards, including the EISA Best Buy OLED TV (2021-2022) for sound personalization in TP Vision Philips TV, the CES Innovation Award (2019 & 2018) for sound personalization in Beyerdynamic headphones, the SATVISION Innovation Prize (2018) for sound optimization in Loewe TVs, the Sonar+D Award for Innovation (2017), StartUps & Developer Award at the San Francisco Music Tech Summit (2017) and the IFA Berlin Prize for Audio Innovation (2017).
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About ai|coustics |

ai|coustics is fighting low speech quality and intelligibility to make digital communication and media content clearer and easier to understand. The Berlin-based startup leverages Generative Audio AI to bring next-level speech quality to content creators and consumer devices. Its applications include everything from improving speech clarity in movies, optimizing podcasts or lectures to recording studio quality, to making annoying, poor, online meeting audio quality belong to the past.

The company was founded at Berlin Technical University, has participated in the Berlin K.I.E.Z. AI-Accelerator program, and recently graduated from the Creative Destruction Lab’s AI- Stream at Oxford University, making it one of the most promising European AI Startups. ai|coustics is funded by a pre-seed investment round by multiple business angels from the music production, audio tech, software and semiconductor industry.

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