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Nothing launches new TWS earbuds with Mimi Sound Personalization.

Mimi and Nothing are putting sound at the center of the user experience with the launch of the brand new Ear (2) TWS earbuds featuring Mimi.

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Nothing Ear 2 with Mimi Sound Personalization

How it works

Personalize your Nothing earbuds

 Connect your Nothing earbuds to the Nothing X app. 

Take a short hearing test within the Nothing app to create a unique sound profile. This takes into account individual audio sensitivities shaped by genetics, age, lifestyle and environmental factors.

Experience enhanced audio adapted to your unique hearing ability. Mimi restores missing details, music is richer, and you can hear every word without needing to turn the volume up.

The partnership with Nothing Headphones is a great opportunity to further promote and accelerate Mimi’s personalization technology. With the release of the new Ear (2), we are delighted to have another great product in the market that merges Mimi Sound Personalization with high quality earbuds, and that enables users to enjoy fully customizable sound wherever they are

Philipp Skribanowitz

CEO, Mimi

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