Everlisten Launch App with Mimi Health Hearing Test

Everlisten was founded in March 2020 with a mission to promote hearing health and awareness to younger adults. Tx

How it works

With the Everlisten app you can test your hearing easily in the comfort of your home.

Test your hearing from the comfort of your home and get personal insights into your hearing health. Completely free!

Everlisten offer you two options for checking your hearing ability: the masked threshold test (MT) and the pure tone threshold test (PTT).

Save your results to see how your hearing is developing. You can also share the results.


“We are very excited for the launch of the new Everlisten app. The Mimi Health Hearing Test is the perfect tool for remote hearing testing needs and provides a quick and easy way for Everlisten users to test and monitor their hearing health.”

Tim von Klitzing

Mimi Health General Manager

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