High-fidelity audio meets Sound Personalization for the first time

Since 2017, beyerdynamic has brought innovative headphones to the market choosing to integrate Mimi Sound Personalization technology. The result is audio that is more immersive and detailed than anything users have ever heard before.

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How it works

The Mimi-enabled headphones can be connected to beyerdynamics innovative MIY app

Connect your Mimi-enabled beyerdynamic headphones to the innovative MIY app

Take a two minute hearing test using the MIY app. The sound and settings of the headphones can be personalized with the app and completely adapted to your individual hearing.

Your beyerdynamic headphones can always be kept up to date with the latest technology using the app.

“The “MOSAYC – Attention to Detail with Mimi Sound Personalization” function can carry out a listening test in just two minutes, so the sound and settings can be personalized with the app tailored to the listener. The overall design of the Blue BYRD series brings together elegance and comfortable haptics with a powerful sound.”

Mark Sparrow, Forbes

Senior Contributor

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