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Mimi Office Move and Hybrid Work Policy

Mimi's working environment and hybrid work policy

The pandemic fundamentally changed the way we work. Some of these changes were challenging. However, others we are grateful for. At Mimi we decided to embrace the changing work environment by offering our employees the opportunity to continue working remotely. We understand the importance of flexible work setups and the positive impact working from home had on the wellbeing of our staff. Therefore, we embraced this change and since adapted our hybrid work policy. 

Our hybrid working environment means that our employees have the flexibility to choose to work from the office or home. This involves individuals coordinating with their teams for ‘in-office’ team days as needed, and we all meet in the office for our quarterly planning week.  Everyone at Mimi is also encouraged to come in for team events and gatherings. Our tea and cake afternoons being one of the favourites!

So what else has changed at Mimi?

After having changed our hybrid work policy, we thought it was time to vamp up our office. Previously, our team was spread out over two floors. As a result of more remote work our employees wouldn’t see each other and space was often going unused. To tackle this, we condensed the two floors into one. The result? Our team has been able to reconnect with one another and there is no more wasted space. 

Additionally, we gave some of our meeting rooms a facelift. The space was beautified by replacing meeting room tables, adding comfy chairs (who doesn’t love a good armchair!) as well as adding plants, plants, and more plants! The team also added in fixed and flexible desks. The team-specific ‘flex desk’ areas allowed us to bring the teams (especially our product teams) closer together, so they can work more efficiently and bounce ideas off one another.  

The whole process took around 6 weeks. 1 day was dedicated to “the actual move.” (With a few additional days needed to pack, unpack and clean everything up). It was “all hands on deck” to get it done in time, with our “one team, one floor” motto pushing us forward.

What impact has this change had?

Jana, our Head of People and Culture at Mimi, was excited about the positive impact this change has had on team spirit, “It is way more personable and I love the spontaneous interactions we have with one another. It feels more lively and people are more engaged with one another.” It’s the first time in months we had so many people in the office. We couldn’t even fit everyone at the table for our team lunch!” 

A big shout-out goes to our office manager, Daniele, who really worked up a sweat to get this done. Shout outs also go to our lovely colleagues from Accounting, Marketing and Development who supported along the way. Also to Max, our Engineering Manager, who set up all our technical bits and bobs.

All in all, this change has been a great success. Interaction has increased as team members have more opportunities to engage with one another. This in turn has created a more positive and lively environment. It’s fair to say that our team is now closer than ever (no pun intended).

Mimi Office Move and Hybrid Work Policy

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