Focal Bathys: Immersive Soundscapes, Unparalleled Comfort

The Focal Bathys headphones have been making waves in the audio world. With the integration of Mimi Sound Personalization users can now enjoy a tailor-made audio experience that accounts for their unique hearing capabilities. This and many more highlights make Focal Bathys headphones a top choice for audiophiles seeking the perfect sound.

We’ve gathered reviews and insights by renowned tech publications and experts, which underscore the transformative power of Mimi Sound Personalization.

Truly Outstanding Feature

The truly outstanding feature of the new Focal Bathys Dune, however, is that it offers the possibility to optimize the reproduction according to the user’s hearing, and this is done through Mimi Sound Personalization by the specialist Mimi Hearing Technologies.”  [translated from German]


Focal Bathys Over Ear Headphones

Significant Difference

“When I ran the test myself, I discovered that—being of a certain age—my ability to hear very high frequencies has declined a bit. I noticed a significant difference once the Focal app tweaked the headphone’s output accordingly.” 

by TechHive

Unique Software Update​

“The software update that Focal is pushing to its existing and new Bathys over-ears uses Mimi – a technology that assesses a wearer’s unique hearing capabilities and adjusts the sound signature accordingly. That means the audio you hear back is the best suited to you personally.”

by T3

A Desirable Feature

“Mimi customizes the FocalBathys for you, based on actual hearing tests, not on guesses. […] With Mimi on, some vocal recordings I know well had the details and air I’m accustomed to on my main in-room rig or with top-end headphones.”

by Hi-Fi+

Pure High-Fidelity Sound & Features

“In its quest to offer its customers the very best, the Focal teams have incorporated a new feature into the headphones: the Mimi hearing test.”

by Headphone.Guru

Now Even More Attractive to Audiophiles

“Unlike other hearing apps Mimi doesn’t just analyse your response to musical tones, but also to background noise. That means its audio profiles are exceptionally comprehensive.”

by TechRadar

Bathys Headphones

The integration of the Mimi Hearing Test into the manufacturer's app is the highlight of these updates.

“One of the advantages of this feature is its flexibility. Users have the option to run the Mimi Hearing Test multiple times to fine-tune their audio experience. Additionally, they can adjust the intensity of the personalization to suit their preferences or disable it entirely if they prefer the default sound profile.”

by Home Theater Review 

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