World Hearing Index

Everyone hears differently. And hearing loss is a growing global problem. Most of us use headphones and listen to audio devices, to the point that we often exceed what is deemed to be ‘healthy listening’. Due to heavy noise exposure and today’s always-on mentality, our ears barely have time to rest. We use our hearing for listening to music, watching movies, but maybe most importantly, for our social interactions. We would argue hearing is the most social sense. 

Still, as much as it is a given to most of us, it isn’t the case for everyone. According to the WHO, over 466 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss, which is over 6,5% of the world’s population. If we take into account the broader definition of hearing loss, it becomes apparent that this is only a part of the picture. Disabling hearing loss means that a person has hearing loss in both ears, with the better ear having at least 40dB of loss on one of the core frequencies (500, 1000, 2000, 4000Hz). This is classified as moderate hearing loss. A significant proportion of people are also affected by Slight and Mild hearing loss, bringing the proportion of the adult population with some form of hearing loss to 55%*


Grounded in cutting-edge research

When it comes to knowing how we hear, Mimi knows more than most. As a deep tech company with an in-house team of hearing scientists, Mimi invests a significant amount of its resources in research enabling the continuous learning & development of the Mimi algorithm.

Mimi has been pioneering hearing test technology for some time. In Europe our iOS and Android hearing test apps are certified as medical devices (CE, class 1) and globally they are the most-used mobile hearing test, with over 1.5 million downloads from 180 countries. 

Mimi also continues to innovate within the hearing testing field, from designing new & intuitive test interfaces, to developing ground-breaking tests that probe how people hear in a real-world setting, beyond standard measures. All of this is undertaken with the ambition of building the most comprehensive hearing testing suite available. 


Unrivaled hearing data & insights 

Thanks to its hearing test apps Mimi has created the world’s largest database of digital hearing profiles and is able to undertake extensive modeling on human hearing data from around the globe, providing fascinating insights into how the world hears by region and demographic. 

Hearing loss is a growing issue. 

With knowing about hearing comes knowing about hearing loss, and Mimi’s data shows that hearing loss is an issue affecting more people than often realized. With over-exposure to noise pollution and increasingly dangerous levels of listening, our latest research shows that while our hearing naturally degrades with age, a sizeable proportion of younger people are also affected by hearing loss