Mimi for TV

Control more than just the volume and enhance your TV experience with Mimi

AI based Voice Enhancer

Enhance audio quality for any type of content on all your devices without changing the acoustic design.

Mimi Sound Personalization for Headphones

Unique Sound Personalization

With age-based processing or Mimi’s hearing test for TV, Mimi will bring you audio tuned to your unique hearing.

Mimi combines healthier hearing with the best personalized listening experience

Mimi easily integrates with hardware & software across platforms

Mimi accurately tests your hearing & personalizes all audio

Mimi improves sound quality and makes digital audio more accessible and enjoyable

Experience Mimi with our world-class partners

Try Mimi with one of our partner’s headphones & TVs and experience Sound Personalization like you’ve never heard it before. Pick your favourite Mimi-enabled device.

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