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Mimi Music and Hearing Test Reviews


Ganz gut
Einzelne Töne sind feiner raus zu hören, und es ist deutlich lauter einstellbar :ok_hand::skin-tone-2:

_by Kingkaaz for v4.0.4_ – Germany


Great listening!
This is an essential feature for most listeners over 40. Listening to music the way it sounded to young, fresh ears is a marvel. If it completely integrated with iTunes to capture play counts I would give it 5 stars (it must be tough having older, pickier users).

_by wallet55 for v4.0.4_ – United States


I feel 18 again!
Im 29 with hearing issues due to abuse 
of loud music from my younger days, i suffer from mild tinnitus also as a result I never knew the dangers but now I’m paying for my ignorance. This program… i was almost in tears its sounds so great its like iv got my full hearing range back its therapy helps my tinnitus as i can only guess its stimulates my hearing nerves correctly.
Please use this app and support the work theses guys 
are doing its just great.

_by Sheep boiler for v4.0.4_ – United Kingdom


Amazing app!
Really made me conscious of the listening levels I was using. Use it every month.

_by almazz for v4.0.3_ – United States

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