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Mimi partnership program

Find out what Mimi’s breakthrough sound personalization technology can do for your product.

Partner with Mimi — the leader in sound personalization, and give your customers the ultimate hearing experience.

Personalization is the missing inch of the audio optimization chain. It is the completion of the journey to perfect sound. Partner with us to make it available in your audio service or product today.

The future of personalized sound. Now.

The Mimi Partner Program enables your business to offer a category-changing experience in detail-rich, personalized sound, right from within your audio device or app.

Breakthrough, customizable, beloved by end users – Mimi’s award winning technology is available to fully integrate and license.

An ultimate USP.

For your customers, sound personalization is a next level experience. For your brand, it’s a game-changing differentiator.

Designed for better experience

Personalized sound has been shown to increase user retention up to 30% – an important increase in long-term value of each user. In today’s competitive, experience economy, brands that personalize to markets of one, win loyalty.

For Audio Apps and Streaming Services

Mimi in your streaming services means end users experience fuller, more immersive and information-rich sound. It adjusts every note and nuance to the listener’s unique hearing profile, closing the missing inch between how the ear hears and today’s amazing advances in audio streaming. The results bring customer satisfaction: over 80% of people who try Mimi in other apps continue to listen to personalized sound.

Learn more: Mimi for streaming services

For Headphones and Audio Hardware

Mimified headphones compensate for each individual’s hearing ‘blind spots,’ creating the most information-rich, personalized listening experience possible. Users can personalize any sound regardless of the sound source.

Learn more: Mimi for headphones

For Smartphone OS

When it comes to smartphones, Mimification means users can understand calls, voice messages, and live sounds better by simply connecting their hearing profile to their phone. And it enables the user to personalize all the phone’s audio. Whether it’s via Spotify, or Napster, or Youtube, or regular calls, every sound can be customized to the user’s hearing.

Learn more: Mimi for smartphones

For Cars

Mimi’s integration for car audio and voice interface systems transforms the in-cabin soundscape. Not only will the seat, the heater, and the mirror be adjusted to the driver – but so too, the audio. The car will fully immerse into being the “second living” room.

Learn more: Mimi for car audio cars

Reviews from real Mimi users

The Mimi difference
Take advantage of industry leading features.

Sophisticated software. Stunning sound.
Unlike conventional sound processing tools, Mimi’s processing analyses audio in real time. And it does it in a way that means the components of the sound can be decoded and made sense of far more easily, and enjoyably, by the listener. It is as if the contrast between different parts of the mix is instantly increased. This is Mimi processing at work.

Advanced hearing science

Mimi is powered by state of the art sound processing software and modeled on a deep understanding of how the human ear functions. Our processing sounds like magic, but it’s based on proven science and built on leading edge technology.

Technical documentation

Seamless integration
For all it’s power and breadth of features, we work to make our software easy to integrate. Once your service or product is integrated with Mimi, end users only have to take a five-minute hearing test. Mimi technology does the rest. Seamlessly.

User satisfaction
Customers get more brand satisfaction and overall device satisfaction when the audio is better. Studies show improvements in audio quality, drive greater user satisfaction than even high-res display features. Where customer satisfaction happens, no matter the industry, loyalty follows.

Accessible audio
The Mimi SDK gives you the power to reach new customer segments, including people with age related hearing damage, who have been largely left behind by the streaming revolution. Mimi’s innovative technology and intuitive user experience is especially accessible to the 35 plus age range – a group typically associated with hearing loss.

Customized solutions
Whatever your product or service, sometimes your Mimi integration requires a collaborative partnership. We can work with you to customize and fit the best personalized audio solution for you. We know one sound doesn’t fit all when it comes to ears. And sometimes it’s the same when it comes to partner solutions.

Expert knowledge
Mimi gives you true expertise in personalized sound. To our credit: breakthrough technological innovation, medical certification, endorsement from leading health insurers, 1 million downloads and the world’s largest database on hearing health and hearing patterns. And the accumulated result of all this: the best sound personalization experience known to the human ear – is now available to our partners.

Partnerships in action.

Learn about some of the fascinating partner projects we’re working on.

Mimi + Grammofy

Handpicked classical music tailored to your unique hearing profile

Grammofy is a classical music streaming app delivering hand-picked, high-quality music collections to discerning classical lovers. Mimi’s partnership with Grammofy’s subscription service brings personalized sound to the world of classical. The results are first class:

  • 33% of new users automatically find and try Mimi’s sound personalization, without any push or activation notification.
  • 88% of user continue using sound personalization after trying.
  • 2-3 times: users who try Mimification are more likely to become premium subscribers of Grammofy.
  • 42% lower churn rate of users who use Mimification than for users who don’t.

Learn more: Grammofy + Mimi

Mimi + Beyerdynamic

Experience personalized sound inside a world class headphone

What do you get when you mix the most advanced personalization software with some world class headphones? An audio experience that doesn’t merely re-imagine the headphone, but reinvents it.

Learn more: Beyerdynamic + Mimi