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The world is getting noisier, louder.

What do you hear?


Find out what your ears are capable of!

Mimi Hearing Test analyzes your hearing ability and gives you an overview of what sounds your ears are capable of hearing.

Take the free, accurate 6 minute test.
Get smart about your hearing.
Track your hearing over time.


Not sure what to listen to with Mimi Music?

We’ve got you covered. Mimi partnered with Deutsche Grammophon to provide you this playlist, inspired by Daniel Hope himself. Check out his new album released on World Hearing Day with Mimi Music. Rediscover “For Seasons”.

Summing it up again:

Take the free, accurate 6 minute test.
Gain smart about your hearing.
Track your hearing over time.

And now go and enjoy the new way of listening with Mimi.

Your Hearing Age