Introducing Aventho wireless. Built by beyerdynamic. Personalized by Mimi. 


Today, in collaboration with beyerdynamic, we are thrilled to introduce a revolutionary new personalized take on an iconic and all-time favorite headphone: the T51i.

beyerdynamic is an audio company that stands for the very highest sound quality and a long-time tradition of excellence. If you’ve ever put on a pair of beyerdynamic headphones you know why professionals and people who care about audio quality everywhere, love this legendary German brand. And the visionary new Aventho wireless, personalized by Mimi software, takes beyerdynamic hardware to a whole next level of experience.

Aventho wireless is the first ever wireless headphone that integrates Mimi Personalization Technology. Personalized to your unique hearing ability, and offering an unprecedented detail-rich sound experience, these are the breakthrough headphones the industry has been waiting for.

Why is Aventho so special?

In the first place, Mimi sound personalization is designed around a fundamental insight: we all hear differently — and imperfectly. One sound does not fit all. Perfect hearing is a perfect myth. As we age, or as a result of various other hearing problems, the process of converting vibrations into signals our brain can interpret, breaks down, meaning less information is transmitted to the brain from the ear. So despite the improvements promised by optimized audio technology, whether high res, codecs, state of the art drivers, or other, much of the optimization is lost on our imperfect hearing.

Integrating Mimi sound personalization into the Aventho headphone addresses exactly this problem. By learning your hearing profile, replicating the function your inner ear, and optimising the digital audio signal transmitted to your brain, accordingly, Aventho plays back sound in its original perfection. All the detail, richness and contrast of the sound is restored. You, with your aging and uniquely imperfect human hearing, can hear like new again.

To put it another way, the personalized Aventho headphone sounds totally amazing because it doesn’t stop at features or EQ or even signal processing technology. Mimi personalization goes beyond all of that to complete the missing inch in the audio optimization chain: your hearing ability.

The nuanced difference high-end features make, can finally be appreciated…

And so, while the function of our hearing hasn’t been getting any better, the headphone market continues to grow and it’s innovations never stop. Manufacturers in a crowded audio segment struggle to stand out: with state of the art bluetooth, longer battery life, better drivers, advanced noise cancellation capability. And all the rest.

Without a doubt, these features are of high value to the customer, but the differences between them are so small from a technical perspective, that in the end it’s hard for any of these features to stand out and astonish the customer.

The goal we set ourselves in our partnership with beyerdynamic was to build a headphone that closes the gap between high-tech features and what the human ear can hear. With Aventho wireless that’s what you get.  Your hearing imperfections are no longer a barrier to the truly amazing audio, which today’s innovations promise.

We’re shaping the future of personalized audio

So why did beyerdynamic decide to partner with Mimi? And why is personalized sound the future? Well, in short, it’s because personalized sound is a breathtaking differentiator. Once you’ve tried truly personalized sound by Mimi for the first time you’ll never want to listen to default sound again. More than a million users have downloaded Mimi’s apps worldwide and our hearing test technology is certified as a medical product (CE) and validated by Europe’s largest university clinic Charité. We apply the latest insights from our hearing science research, paired with our deep understanding of the biophysical processes in the hearing organ.

All these factors enable our unique processing breakthroughs and inspire our mission to collaborate with innovators and leaders to move audio forward.

The start of the disruption to come

We are convinced that the future of audio is personalized. Mimi started by developing a breakthrough sound technology and establishing the #1 iOS hearing test app worldwide. Not only thousands of Mimi users, but potential partners asked for further integration in more products. Now finally, Mimi’s technology is available both as an SDK for software partners and on a chip for hardware partners. The future of personalized sound has already begun.

And headphones and streaming services are just the beginning. At Mimi our vision is to enable personalized audio on as many devices as possible, be it headphones, streaming service, car audio systems or smartphones. You’ll be hearing more on all these stories, and about new partners and integrations with Mimi technology soon.

Right now, and forever, we are incredibly proud to work with beyerdynamic to introduce Aventho wireless—a headphone that captures, with amazing precision, the sound of the future.