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Mimi Hearing: Winner of Sónar+D / Migration Startup Competition Awards

Of the 10 companies who made it to the final round of the prestigious Sónar+D Startup Awards, Mimi won the overall 1st prize for best startup. Why? According to the international jury it all came down to the compelling business model, business scalability, traction, teamwork, as well as the overall creativity of the Mimi adventure in sound. We are proud 🙂

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Aching and Breaking with Longing: The Impact of Music on Emotions

Without a word of French, somehow I still dither on the brink of complete blubbering mess every time I listen to Jacque Brel’s “ne me quitte pas”. The Francophone, chanson singer lays claim to a wide breath of musical influence, with Nina Simone and David Bowie noting him as a key inspiration to their work. The question arises, why does this Belgian born, strange looking, gap toothed singer move me or any Anglophone alike so much? The answer I’ve come to suspect is that music can act like a language all onto itself. Unlike spoken languages, such music operates solely as an emotional dialogue where one emotion expressed brings about a counter emotional affect in the listener. Here, I’ll examine music’s impact on the full emotional spectrum of the human condition. Sex may sell, and, as such, usurp the charts for the most part, but, as we’ll see, music can stir even the darkest, and more subtle crevasses of the our minds.

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Measuring Sound Quality: Why Speaker A Sings to Your Soul, But Speaker B Merely Mumbles

Sound quality, when it comes to today’s music, for the most part is not optimized for human ears. Unless you have above average hearing, the variation between an outstanding audio and a crappy, lousy sound will go largely undetected. Good thing innovativations in music technologies are making personalized music a reality for individual listeners.

Whether you are an audiophile, a music lover, or someone who values quality audio just like we do, pay attention as we tackle on the science behind sound and the factors affecting its quality.

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This Week in Sound: Breakthroughs in Hearing Restoration

While you were enjoying the early sounds of spring we were keeping up with the latest hearing health and ‘science of sound’ stories. Here’s this week’s top picks from around the web and social media:

The New Yorker considers recent breakthroughs in the field of hearing restoration from a personal perspective. Today’s transformational advances in hearing technology are having a transformational impact on people’s lives

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The Grammofy Giveaway: Win a 3-month free subscription to Grammofy

We’re proud to announce that Mimi technology is now integrated with our first SDK partner Grammofy. We’re very excited about this bold step towards healthy hearing — and to celebrate we’re offering 10 lucky listeners the chance to win one of ten 2-month free subscriptions to Grammofy’s classical music streaming service.

To enter simply Like our Facebook page, Like the giveaway post – and hey presto you’ll be entered into the giveaway!

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Personalize classical music with our partner app, Grammofy

Exciting times ahead: you can now personalize classical music! Mimi’s technology is now integrated in our first partner, Grammofy, a classical music streaming service. We’re very happy that Grammofy’s users can now also enjoy music personalized to their hearing profiles, as this is one large leap towards making healthy hearing the norm. We also want to make you – our dearest users – happy by letting you know that you can use your Earprint in yet another audio service.

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What Do My Hearing Insights Mean?

You’ve taken your first hearing test – and you wonder what all those numbers mean? Or do your results surprise you? You’re not alone. Just like you, our team at Mimi is continuously learning about hearing as we go: we have discovered many new insights about the hearing of the population. Here we would like to explain these to you.

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Deutscher Gesundheitsmarkt: Hier sind wir!

Mimi Hearing Technologies kooperiert jetzt mit der BARMER – Deutschlands größter gesetzlicher Krankenversicherung.

Dieser Satz liest sich ziemlich unspektakulär und trocken. Jedoch ist das ein wesentlicher Meilenstein, seitdem alles im Jahre 2013 mit einer Hörhilfe App und der darauffolgenden Mimi Hörtest App begann. Die Hörhilfe App gibt es in dieser Form nicht mehr, und der Mimi Hörtest ist mit einer halben Millionen Downloads zum weltweit erfolgreichsten smartphone-basierten Hörtest im Appstore geworden.

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