Easy to integrate Hearing Wellbeing Technology into any product

Combining hearing-based algorithms with a flexible SDK solution, we provide the core building blocks that allow for the full Mimi experience to be integrated into your product portfolio.




Mimi Sound Personalization for Headphones

Mimi’s sound personalization and hearing wellbeing features for headphones are cross-platform (iOS and Android), easy to integrate with a flexible SDK & adapt all audio based on individual hearing needs – available on most major DSP and SoC.

Mimi Sound Personalization for TV

Mimi provides accessible TV integration  with intelligent UX including Group Mode and advanced processing, designed for seamless integration on Smart Televisions.

Mimi Sound Personalization for Smartphones

Audio accessibility solution with intelligent UX and advanced processing, designed for seamless integration on Smartphone.

Mimi's Hearing ID augments and protects every user’s hearing.

A seamless sound personalization experience across all audio devices.

Purchase a Mimi-enabled device

Purchase a device with Mimi technology integration.

Take a test

Take a 2-min hearing test and create your Hearing ID.

Hear better

Audio optimized based on your hearing ability and preferences.

Anywhere you listen

Use your Hearing ID on other audio Mimi-enabled devices.

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