Hearing well is wellbeing

Mimi provides easy to integrate sound personalization and hearing wellbeing technology for consumer audio devices.

Be part of the next generation of accessible products.

Experience sound personalization like you've never heard it before.

Engage with your listening experience and take control of your hearing wellbeing.

#1 Hearing Test app on the market

We built the #1 hearing test app. Download and experience Mimi for yourself.

Easy to integrate sound personalization and hearing wellbeing platform

Our passionate team of scientists, engineers and researchers are developing a platform of pioneering technology and features that can upgrade any audio product to deliver a holistic approach to hearing health, aligned with its users’ growing wellbeing needs.


Hearing assessment based on advanced audiology research.


Customized presets based on the user’s unique hearing profile.


Mimics the way a healthy human ear processes sound.

We deliver a personalized and healthier listening experience.

Securing a global portfolio of unique intellectual property with an emphasis on research and innovation.

79 patents

52 granted + 26 filed across 31 patent families USA | EU | China | South Korea | Japan | India


Mimi Sound Personalization

Works on your phone

Works on your headphones

Works on your

Technology that fit into any audio product

Mimi is easy to integrate into your product portfolio. By combining hearing-based algorithms with a flexible SDK solution for your companion app, we elevate sound experiences for your users.

Sound Personalization

Mimi Sound Personalization is a unique processing technology that replicates the way the human ear works. It adapts the audio signal to a user’s hearing ability, compensating for less than perfect hearing.

Mimi Hearing Test Technology

Mimi’s testing technology measures different aspects of hearing ability. In addition  to a  standard audiological Pure Tone Threshold (PTT) test, Mimi has developed a groundbreaking Masked Threshold (MT) suprathreshold test.

Our latest partner integrations

Mimi integrates value beyond audio quality into our partner’s products – from branding, packaging, go to market, integration and elevating user’s listening experiences.

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